Digital Campaign with Recycle BC

Category: Consumer Awareness Campaigns
Time frame: October–November 2016; November 2017; November–December 2018
Location: British Columbia
Status: Completed

This campaign first ran from October 17 to November 20, 2016, delivering over 6.3 million impressions and successfully driving more cartons into the recycling stream, as measured by Recycle BC. This was especially true for the multi-family sector, where preliminary data received from sample audits indicated an approximately 7% increase in the proportion of cartons collected in the combined months of November and December 2016, relative to the October year-to-date collection. The corresponding increase for the curbside channel was 2%.

The campaign was deployed again in November 2017 and in November/December 2018 across digital and mobile display ads, as well as Facebook and Instagram ads. Overall, there was an increase in carton recovery year over year from 2016 to 2018.

Specific campaign creatives, including both a static and an animated display ad, were developed and used across multiple channels with the same key message: Recycle your milk, soup, and other beverage cartons in your blue bin (juice cartons are under deposit in this province. Until February 1, 2021, milk cartons were collected in the residential recycling program, but are now under deposit as well). Channels included Facebook and targeted website landing pages. The ads pointed to a dedicated campaign landing page on Recycle BC’s web.