Carton Recycling Progress

Carton tonnes recycled/recovered in 2020*


National blended carton recycling-recovery rate in 2020*


National average access to beverage carton recycling (juice & milk cartons)


National average access to non-beverage recycling (soup & broth cartons)

*Some jurisdictions report a recycling rate while others report a recovery rate. For this reason, we cannot report a uniform national recycling or recovery rate.

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Some of Our Projects

The Carton Council of Canada is an active partner in collaboration projects with various stakeholders around the country.

Province-Wide Consumer Awareness Campaigns

The CCC works with provincial stewardship agencies to execute highly visible and inspiring consumer education campaigns that promote carton recycling.

Deploying Consumer Campaigns and Supporting Municipalities to Promote Carton Recycling

Over the course of the last five years, the CCC has itself deployed consumer campaigns, in addition to collaborating with a number of municipalities to support their carton recycling efforts.

Support for School-Based Recycling

The CCC has been working with key partners to ensure that all cartons consumed in schools are collected and recycled.