Billboards with Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba

Category: Consumer Awareness Campaigns
Time frame: September–October 2016; Spring 2018
Location: Manitoba
Status: Completed

CCC partnered with Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) to amplify the carton recycling message within their broader Recycle Something New Campaign. Carton recycling ads were featured on two digital boards located in high-traffic areas, for a total of 97,204 plays over an 8-week period in September and October 2016. Online ads were also featured on targeted websites, such as The Weather Network, yielding 464,907 impressions and a 12% click through rate.

In 2018, CCC renewed its collaboration with MMSM by sponsoring carton-specific digital billboards in Manitoba, as part of MMSM’s “Recycling Superhero” campaign launched in the spring.