Community Education Award Program

Carton Council of Canada to Award Grants for Proactive Municipal Recycling Education

The Carton Council of Canada (CCC) is pleased to announce the launch of our Community Education Award, developed to incentivize and improve recycling education in communities across Ontario. In 2021, we will award $2,000 each to up to 15 communities that demonstrate their proactive recycling education efforts, with special attention paid to food and beverage cartons.

Steps to Participate

  1. Confirm food and beverage cartons are accepted in your local program.
  2. Fill out the form at the link below to participate. This will ensure eligibility and that you receive communications pertaining to the award program.

Registration is now full! No more applications are being accepted.

Steps for After You’ve Signed up to Participate

  1. Update your website using using Carton Council best practices to include cartons as a recyclable material in your program.
  2. Implement education and communications activities, making sure food and beverage cartons are promoted.
  3. Submit your entry by Friday, November 26, 2021, 11:59 p.m. EST, providing details of your communications activities. Submission forms will be provided to all who sign up. Participating communities will be asked to demonstrate they have done the mandatory and additional activities outlined below.

Mandatory for consideration: Updated Website

Municipal websites are the top place residents look to determine recyclability of a package (along with the packaging itself). While the award is focused on food and beverage cartons, we recognize the importance of education to promote recycling in general. Make sure your website accurately and clearly conveys that food and beverage cartons are accepted and should be recycled. Refer to the best practices mentioned above.

At least two (2) other promotional activities

You will also be asked to provide at least two other examples of communications and/or marketing activities conducted during the specified period that promote recycling in general, while also prominently including cartons.

Examples are: 

  • Social Media – Provide examples of how you’ve used social media to engage with your residents and educate them on what and how to recycle, including cartons
  • Marketing Materials – Can include items such as direct mail, bill stuffers, bin stickers, refrigerator magnets, brochures or other marketing initiatives
  • Events – Virtual or in-person events designed to educate and promote recycling to your residents
  • Advertising or Public Service Announcements – Paid or donated space or time that promotes recycling
  • Earned Media – Articles in your local media that promote recycling
  • Other – Any other activity used to promote recycling in your local program not already described

Participants are invited to leverage the CCC’s Image and Ad Bank to support their efforts.

Web Site Best Practices & Effective Recycling Messaging

On August 25, CCC held a webinar for Community Education Award participants on web site best practices and effective recycling messaging.

  • Slides
  • Recording (the following passcode may need to be entered manually instead of copied/pasted: Km7L4T*d)

Who is eligible?

The award program is open to Ontario-based organizations that educate residents about their local recycling program. This includes:

  • municipalities,
  • services boards,
  • solid waste authorities,
  • First Nations communities, and
  • not-for-profit organizations/association providing residential recycling services on behalf of, or for municipalities.

Community Education Award Program Terms and Conditions

Once you have signed up to participate, you will have until Friday, November 26, 2021 to submit your entries.

For any questions, please contact Carton Council of Canada.