Sustana Fiber: Manufacturer of Sustainable Recycled Fibres in Canada

Sustana Fiber manufactures premium sustainable recycled fibres from recovered paper products, including gable top and aseptic cartons, at its mills in Lévis, Québec and De Pere, Wisconsin. The Lévis mill currently has the capacity to recycle between 4,000 and 5,000 tons of cartons per year and aims to reach 15,000 tons over the next few years. The recycled fibres produced are then sold in sheet form to manufacturers of printing paper, tissue and packaging products, including food packaging.

Bales of cartons and other fibre-based materials arrive at the mill from material recovery facilities (MRFs) in Québec and elsewhere.

The cartons are fed into a high-capacity shredder, which can process 15 to 20 tons of cartons per hour.

The cartons are shredded before being run through an hydropulper, which is like a giant blender.

The mechanical action of the pulper and the liquid solution that is added make it possible to separate the fibres in cartons from the layers of polyethylene and aluminum.

Sustana Fiber’s highly automated line relies on state-of-the-art systems.

After screening to remove non-fibrous components, fibres from cartons and other materials are cleaned to remove the last impurities.

They are then sent over a mesh wire to reduce the water content and form a long fibre mat.

This mat is cut into sheets and stacked into bales which are now ready to be used to manufacture new fibre-based products.

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