Winter 2022 Newsletter

Volume 9, Issue 2

In this issue, read about the steps being taken in Quebec to manage cartons under the province’s new EPR system, the creative promotion and education initiatives implemented by this year’s recipients of our Community Education Awards, the methods three Canadian MRFs use to successfully process cartons, the programs we supported this year to increase carton recovery in schools and the upcoming expansion of one of the end markets for Canadian cartons.

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Isabelle Faucher
Managing Director
Carton Council of Canada

Éco Entreprises Québec is Preparing to Manage Cartons Under the New Curbside Recycling System. Here’s How.

We recently spoke to the newly designated management organization to get a better sense of the impact the coming changes will have on carton recycling.

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CCC Awards Grants to 15 Québec Municipalities, Sorting Facilities and Organizations to Promote Recycling Awareness and Education

See who the recipients are and some of the creative P&E activities they deployed.

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MRF Profiles: Regions of Waterloo and Peel, City of Winnipeg

CCC’s Managing Director continues her tour of MRFs across the country, this time visiting sites in Waterloo, Peel, and Winnipeg.

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Supporting Carton and Recycling Education in Canadian Schools

CCC continues to support creative educational programs in Canadian schools focused on increasing students’ understanding of the importance of waste reduction strategies.

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Continuus Materials is Increasing Production to Meet Demand for Roof Boards Made with Post-consumer Cartons

This end market for Canadian post-consumer food and beverage cartons is growing and they tell us a bit more about what to expect.

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