Advertising & Image Bank

The CCC has a toolkit of carton recycling ads and images that can be used by municipalities to support residents’ education efforts. You can view these options in the box to the right. It includes:

  • Facebook (desktop, right-hand column and mobile) ads
  • Weather Network ads
  • A multi-family sector ad
  • Carton images (juice, milk, soup, broths, etc.)
  • A 30-second commercial

The ads, which can be used with different media channels (print, digital, social, etc.) are customizable so that municipality-specific information can be added.

Carton Identification Poster

CCC has a carton identification poster for sorting facilities. The poster is meant as a quick reference for sorting staff and highlights the fact that all carton types are recyclable and should be recycled together.

Bilingual (English/French) and English only versions are available, as well as two size formats.

To order posters, please contact Isabelle Faucher, CCC Managing Director, at ifaucher@recyclecartons.ca