Carton Recycling Progress

Carton tonnes recycled in 2015


National carton recycling rate in 2015


National average access to beverage carton recycling (juice & milk cartons)


National average access to non-beverage recycling (soup & broth cartons)

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Some of Our Projects

The Carton Council of Canada is an active partner in collaboration projects with various stakeholders around the country.


Education tools for Municipalities

The CCC has developed a toolkit of carton recycling ads and images that can be used by municipalities to support residents’ education efforts. The ads, which can be used with different media channels (print, digital, social, etc) are customizable so that municipality-specific information can be added. A series of carton images representing all carton types (juice, milk, soup, broths, etc.) are also available for download.

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Participation in Recyc-Quebec Joint Committee on Recyclable Materials

CCC has been a member of RECYC-QUEBEC’s Joint Committee on Recyclable Materials since 2013. The Joint Committee’s mandate is to develop solutions to increase the effectiveness and performance of the curbside recycling system and cartons have been identified as one of three priority materials. Pilot projects will be implemented to test various strategies to enhance carton recycling efforts inparticipating sorting centres in the province. An example includes positive sorting of cartons at facilities that are currently not sorting cartons into their own grade.

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Collaboration to expand carton grade

CCC has partnered with Tim Hortons and Stewardship Ontario to evaluate whether other poly-coated paper packaging – hot and cold cups, ice cream cartons, and freezer board – can be added to the existing gable top and aseptic carton grade, which are included in a majority of Canadian residential recycling programs today.

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