Participation in RECYC-QUÉBEC Committee

Category: Other
Time frame: 2013-2017
Location: Quebec
Status: Completed

CCC was a member of RECYC-QUÉBEC’s Joint Committee on Recyclable Materials from 2013 to 2017. The Joint Committee’s mandate was to develop solutions to increase the effectiveness and performance of the curbside recycling system. As part of the Market Development Working Group, cartons were identified as one of three priority materials. A project was implemented to document the added value and costs related to the separation of cartons collected at two sorting centres in the province—Quebec City’s material recovery facility, operated by Société VIA, and Récuperation Frontenac, located in Thetford Mines. Given that sorting cartons from other fibre commodities maximizes their environmental and economic value, the goal was to leverage the results of this project to convince more sorting facilities in the province to adopt this practice, thereby driving the carton recycling rate in Quebec.

The firm tasked with executing the project was WSP, in collaboration with NI Corporation and Deloitte. The final project report was published in 2017.