Activities with La Communauté du Ballon Rond

Category: School Recycling Support
Time frame: October 2018–June 2019
Location: Quebec
Status: Completed

In 2018, Carton Council of Canada partnered with La Communauté du Ballon Rond, an organization specialized in environmental education and in promoting healthy living habits in children and teens in Quebec and became a sponsor of their schools campaign, la Tournée Jé&Lou, along with Boissons Gazeuses Environnement, the agency operating the soft-drink deposit system in Quebec. Our sponsorship provided for:

  • The distribution of small recycling bins to schools who requested them
  • The addition of carton recycling content and of a carton-focused hands-on activity as part of a “recycling relay”

The campaign reached about 30,000 primary-level school students in 96 schools, mostly in the Greater Montreal Area. A press release pertaining to the initiative is available (in French).