This week across Canada individuals, organizations and businesses will consider how and what they contribute to their nations’ waste reduction efforts.

The scope of Waste Reduction Week includes a very broad range of local and regional events, awareness campaigns, and education programs covering an exhaustive list of audiences — from school children to CEOs.

It’s hard to know how many individuals will be reached through these initiatives or how many of those will actually step-up and make a change that will make a difference.

I’m an optimist

My experience within the waste management sector over the last twelve years has shown me that people genuinely care about the environment; the waste they create at work and at home; and the steps they can take to reduce their environmental footprint. Thousands of Canadians whose jobs are linked to the sector can testify to the effectiveness of recycling messages and changes in public attitudes towards waste as recycling programs, facilities and opportunities have grown.

At an industry level, it’s encouraging to see manufacturers focused on reducing energy and other resources in their processes while also innovating ways to transform their waste into feedstock for other kinds of enterprise. And sectors like packaging are supporting innovation to extend the useful life of their products after their original purpose has been fulfilled.

We’re taking part

The Carton Council of Canada salutes all of the innovators, participants and sponsors engaged in Canada’s Waste Reduction Week 2018. And we’re also proud to partner with SARCAN Recycling in Saskatchewan to sponsor a waste reduction week event at an elementary school in Saskatoon. The event will launch a new website focused on increasing recycling rates of all beverage containers in schools, with a special focus on cartons. SARCAN Recycling provides environmental protection, employment creation and economic development through a province-wide network for recycling beverage containers, paint and electronics in Saskatchewan.

We look forward to participating in this worthwhile event and seeing the results of these investments in the future.