Tools & Resources

The CCC has developed a range of tools and resources for municipalities and sorting centres.

Carton Recycling Primer

Over the tenure of its existence, the Carton Council of Canada has assembled a robust knowledge base. In order to share that knowledge with key stakeholders, enhancing their carton recycling efforts, the CCC released a Carton Recycling Primer, which brings together information gathered from commissioned technical studies and visits to sorting facilities across the country.

In the Primer, MRF operators and municipalities can find information, data and best practices around carton recycling collection, sorting and marketing, including baseline data that can be used to conduct a business case to sort cartons. Please note that the Primer is not intended to replace qualified engineering and/or legal advice. We hope you will find it useful and we welcome your feedback.

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Our newsletter, released bi-annually , provides information on carton markets, including a list of brokers and an update on end-markets.

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End-Markets & Brokers

CCC maintains a list of brokers of post-consumer cartons (PSI-52 grade) and end-markets for the grade, which is updated on a bi-annual basis. Please note, the list is presented for consideration only and does not contain all available options. Please conduct proper due diligence when selecting a broker to ensure pricing and services are competitive and suited to your needs.


Advertising & Image Bank

The CCC has developed a toolkit of carton recycling ads and images that can be used by municipalities to support residents’ education efforts. The ads, which can be used with different media channels (print, digital, social, etc) are customizable so that municipality-specific information can be added. Facebook (Desktop, Right-Hand Column and Mobile) and Weather Network ads are available. A dedicated ad for the multi-family sector is now available. A series of carton images representing all carton types (juice, milk, soup, broths, etc.) as well as a 30-second commercial are also available for download. Request an Ad/Image.


The three-minute video Something in it for everyone explains the carton recycling process throughout the various stages of the value chain, from the consumer to the municipality and the MRF, to the mill.

The one-minute video How Recycled Cartons Become New Products shows the different products that cartons can be recycled into.

You can also watch a 30 second commercial entitled: Learn More About Carton Recycling At Home!  When you put your cartons in the recycling bin, you are doing a lot more than keeping them out of landfills… you are contributing to a new product.


CCC has developed a carton identification poster for sorting facilities. The poster is meant as a quick reference for sorting staff and highlights the fact that all carton types are recyclable and should be recycled together. Bilingual (English/French) and English only versions are available, as well as two size formats. To order posters, please contact Isabelle Faucher, CCC Managing Director, at

Factory Waste Best Practice Guide & Calculator

The CCC has developed a Factory Waste Management Best Practice Guide that outlines the benefits to carton fillers of having a waste diversion plan in place and the key steps to go about it. Facility Scrap Material Calculator is also available to help customers estimate the cost savings and net revenues of recycling scrap cartons and other commodities.