Deploying Consumer Campaigns and Supporting Municipalities to Promote Carton Recycling

Over the course of the last five years, the CCC has itself deployed consumer campaigns, in addition to collaborating with a number of municipalities to support their carton recycling efforts.

Facebook Consumer Campaign (2018)

From November 1 to December 17 2018, Carton Council Canada conducted a Facebook ad campaign. The primary audience consisted of occasional recyclers in Ontario with curbside recycling access (primarily women age 25-54). The objectives were as follows:

  • Educate consumers about what food and beverage cartons are
  • Demonstrate how to recycle food and beverage cartons to consumers and explain the benefits of doing so, including the ability for cartons to have an “afterlife” when they are recycled into new products
  • Test effectiveness of various carton recycling messaging, creative, and platform delivery options
  • Increase awareness of Carton Council of Canada and engagement with Carton Council of Canada and our content

A new CCC Facebook page was created for the campaign, which featured canvas ads, videos, and a quiz, and generated 990,025 impressions.

Digital Advertising Campaign (2016)

The Carton Council of Canada partnered with four Ontario communities to increase awareness of carton recycling using streamlined digital advertising. The project leveraged an existing creative, customized for each of the participating communities: Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority, Quinte Waste Solutions, Simcoe County, and City of Toronto. The ad was featured on Facebook, The Weather Network, and Google AdWords from October 5th to November 19th. For more information, read the article in Recycling Product News.

City of London, ON (2015)

The Carton Council of Canada partnered with the City of London to promote a recycling contest that would encourage Londoners to correctly sort their cartons and cups and other recyclables.

Older Campaigns

Capital Regional District (CRD), BC

CCC provided support for cartons to be added to region-wide program; technical and P&E assistance and waste auditing, supported a campaign to overcome multi-family building challenges. The program resulted in 15% overall increase in reported recycling behaviour over the brief pilot campaign (Summer 2013)

City of Hamilton, ON

CCC provided promotion and education assistance and a grant for the city to promote carton recycling through advertisement in local newspapers, magazines, on web, and social media. The initiative resulted in an increase in carton recycling awareness demonstrated via social media stats; small city-wide capture increase in short time period; and 3% decrease in households placing cartons in the wrong stream (paper stream instead of container stream) in pilot area of 185 households (January-February 2013)

Bluewater Recycling Association

CCC provided technical and education (P&E) assistance for cartons to be added to a multi-community recycling program in Southern Ontario (September 2012)