Summer 2024 Newsletter

Volume 11, Issue 1

In this new issue of our biannual newsletter, we share a conversation with Jason Pelz of the Carton Council of North America about the state and direction of carton end markets and give you a glimpse of major end markets we recently toured. Additionally, to help with carton recovery efforts, we highlight new recovery and awareness data, outline a municipality’s recent campaign, and remind organizations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that there’s still a bit of time to register for our $36,000 Community Education Awards.

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Isabelle Faucher
Managing Director
Carton Council of Canada

The State of Carton End Markets in North America, 2024

What trends are shaping the future of carton end markets in North America? Find out in this Q&A with CCNA’s own Jason Pelz.

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CCC Visits Three North American Carton End Markets With Recycling Partners

Step inside these major carton recyclers and learn about their latest growth projects.

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Provincial Studies, National Survey Help Illustrate Recycling Behaviour and Perceptions Across the Country

New Canadian data explores progress and opportunities for improvement related to carton recycling performance.

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Municipality of Dysart et al in Ontario Conducts Awareness Project With CCC Funding

The community deployed a wide range of creative tactics that could inspire others.

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Carton Council of Canada Launches 2024 Community Education Award in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

The fourth edition of CCC’s Community Education Award is now live. Read on to learn how you might qualify.

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Markets & Brokers

Carton Council of Canada maintains lists of end markets & brokers of post consumer cartons.

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