It’s official. I am a bona fide recycling champion! I know because I rocked the quiz.

Recycling is a serious business and the heart of this quiz is also serious: to help consumers challenge what they think they know about what belongs in the recycling bin and what should get tossed in the trash—and why it matters.

Improving the quality of the blue box is an ongoing challenge as programs adjust to changing market conditions.  And reducing contamination is a goal we can all get behind. The quiz is a fun way to engage with consumers and to help them become more knowledgeable.

Share the link!

I encourage you to share the link to the quiz with your stakeholders. Municipalities in particular may find this is a novel link for the front page of their municipal websites. And engaging with residents in a positive way has many benefits. Send this blog—or a link to the quiz—  to your communications, public relations or marketing team to see if it would be suitable for your website. And do let us know if you do!